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With (සිංහල) Sinhala invoicing, inventory management, basic accounting, mobile reporting, cheque printing, bar-code printing and many more...
Can be used in supermarkets, grocery and book shops, pharmacies, distribution points, mobile phone or textiles shops, hardware stores...

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The only free point of sales (POS) software and mobile app provider in Sri Lanka

Labtech POS is the only free point of sales system (POS System) among all other POS system providers in Sri Lanka for stock / inventory management, daily collection, credit customer handling with basic accounting and this point of sales software offers user friendly and easy to use user interfaces with totally covered tutorials for every module included. This free point of sale software can be used in all retail businesses and wholesale businesses, pharmacies, book shops, mobile phone / computer accessories and service centers, distribution points and any other business that issue a Sinhala or English bill(Invoice) to customer.

This point of sales (POS) software is specially designed to issue Sinlaha invoices. You can customize interfaces yourself according to your preferences such as expire dates, multi unit items, easy searching, purchase orders etc. In daily collection section you can handle all credit customers, supplier payments, expenses, bank deposits, credit card payments with all of printable and exportable stranded sized reports. You can monitor your business via your smart phone by linking this point of sales (POS) system to our web server and you will see real time data synchronize via you smart phone / Tab or PC from anywhere you have an Internet connection. This is the most advantaged feature of this POS system to monitor your employees and business remotely. You can take decisions on the go how to optimize your business and gain a maximum profit.

Other than traditional hand writing records; easy, fast and accurate Labtech point of sale (POS) system will bring your business to the highest state with accurate account reports. Automatic and manual data backups also available for maximum security of your business data. Purchasing forecast and expire date monitoring features are essential for handling your inventory. Cheque printing, bar code printing and bar code invoicing also supported by this point of sales (POS) software, We supply you stranded item lists to minimize the time you have to spend for entering data to start using Labtech POS. Other than described here so many features are available in this point of sales (POS) software. You can go through full feature list in our main page and we welcome you to download and try this. If you need any customization or changes in any module or report we can do them under our regulations. Error handling and issue resolving will done regularly and all members will eligible to apply new updates free of charge.

This point of sales system smoothly run on most using POS system hardware platforms in Sri Lanka with Microsoft Windows 10 or 7. All POS printers, bar-code readers are supported. As a leading POS system provider in Sri Lnaka we offers you the most satisfying customer service and after service. You can replace your cash register or billing machine with Labtech POS billing system to take more advantages and make your business success.

Labtech POS Mobile App

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Continuously we are adding new features to our POS system and mobile app. You are advised to keep your POS system and mobile app instantiations updated regularly.

You can use your Labtech member account's user name and password for app login.

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Features of Point of Sales Software

This point of sales (POS) software will bring you with on-line report viewing facility. You can use your smart phone, tablet or pc to view day end reports and they will be emailed to a given email address at a given time. Default features are listed below and customizations are allowed according to your request for some modules (* conditions apply).

  • 100% free to download and version update
  • Specially designed for Sri Lankan wholesale, retail business
  • Sinhala invoicing and bill printing
  • Support 3, 2.25 and 2 inch POS printers
  • Bar code printing on any size multi column barcode papers
  • Barcode invoicing and purchasing
  • Cheque printing
  • Cash drawer supported
  • Cash refund
  • Company logo and detail for invoices
  • Counter invoicing and cashier interface
  • Credit customer handling
  • Customer / item images
  • Customer loyalty card printing
  • Daily peak / rush hours
  • Data backing up
  • Day end report emailing
  • Distribution handling
  • Easy search facility
  • Employee registration
  • Employee working history
  • Excel import for items and opening stock
  • Expenses and bank deposits
  • Financial year change
  • IMEI / serial number support
  • Installments and interest
  • Expiry monitor
  • Item movement history
  • Line discount and item discount
  • Multi branches
  • Multi invoice designs for printing
  • Multi units
  • Part payments / Multi payments
  • Multi prices and multi bill types
  • Multi stock locations and multi bin locations
  • Multi user and networking supported
  • Mini calculator with log
  • Monthly target and achievement
  • Multiple invoicing interfaces
  • None existing / none registered item invoicing
  • Other income entry
  • Purchase order direct emailing
  • Import PO to GRN
  • Purchasing forecast
  • Quotation to invoicing
  • Quotation with customizable terms and conditions
  • Received issued cheques
  • Retail / whole sale invoicing
  • Return notes (Supplier Returns)
  • Sales return
  • Seasonal promotions and discounts
  • Sticker printing
  • Stock adjustment
  • Stock transfer
  • Stranded size printable / exportable reports
  • Supplier payments
  • Trading routes
  • Unlimited categories and 5 level break down
  • Unlimited items / users
  • User friendly changeable interface
  • Virtual stock (Minus stock handling)
  • Capable of integrating web cam
  • 4 decimal stocks
  • On-line new version checking
  • Advance error reporting
  • Advance security with user permissions
  • Auto save facility for invoicing
  • Background wall paper change
  • More features are adding...

Free Item Lists

We supply up to date item lists with Labtech free POS system and you can start billing just after installing POS system.

  • Pharmacy - (4000+ items)
  • Grocery and Supermarkets - (3000+ items in English and Sinhala with bar codes)
  • Phone / Accessories - (1000+ items)
  • Stationaries - (5000+ items in English and Sinhala)
  • Hardware - (5000+ items in English with bar codes)

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 7 OS
  • .net framewark 4.0
  • 2 Gb RAM
  • Core 2 Duo Processor
  • 5GB HDD Free Space
  • 1024 * 768 Display
  • Mouse Keyboard

Additional Requirements

  • POS Printer
  • Barcode Printer
  • Barcode Reader
  • Cash Drawer
  • Touch Screen Display
  • Internet


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