Labtech POS System Software & Mobile App
Version History

Always keep your Labtech POS system software and Labtech POS mobile app updated. When your network have multiple instances keep them all updated. We always fix bugs and add new features for giving our clients a better POS experience.

Labtech POS Desktop Version

V 6.6 Released on 2024-06-11

  • Copy and paste from Excel facility added to all Excel import modules
  • Printing feature updated in Cashier module
  • Bugs fixed in Stock Count module
  • Invoice hold facility added
  • Invoice listing module updated
  • Mobile app customer payment data sync improvements
  • Customer and Supplier ledger report improvements
  • Linked Transactions module added to find how GRN and Invoiced items are linked
  • Touch invoicing module updated
  • Discount and offers module updated to keep separate discounts for each price category
  • Product remarks update facility added to GRN
  • Table and room orders added for restaurants, bar and cafes with KOT and BOT
  • SMS sending for CASH customer's in invoicing was enabled
  • Two KOT printers support facility added
  • GRN and Invoicing action history checking added to GRN and Invoice Listing modules>br /> 16. eCommerce data sync inactivated items not sync issue solved
  • Future reminder SMS sending facility added to invoicing
  • Available stock price showing facility added to price update module
  • Zero and minus item inactivate facility added to Inactive Items module
  • Customer group payment settlement facility added to customer payment module
  • Delivery Note printing facility for invoices added
  • 50+ minor improvements and bug fixes

V 6.5 Released on 2024-01-01

  • Bugs were fixed found in previous version

V 6.4 Released on 2023-04-30

  • Bugs were fixed found in previous version

V 6.3 Released on 2023-03-12

  • Bugs were fixed found in previous version. After upgrading to v 6.3 you will not be able to load past invoices in invoicing module till you run following SQL script in SQL Server Management Studio. Data will not lost or removed while upgrading. If you are unable to run this script in SQL Server Management Studio let us know. We will support you to upgrade to the latest version. Download SQL script here

V 6.2 Released on 2022-11-07

  • This update is required to communicate with latest mobile app
  • Minor update in price update module

V 6.1 Released on 2022-11-03

  • This update is required to communicate with latest mobile app

V 6 Released on 2022-10-01

  • Improvements in free item invoicing
  • Bug fixed in discounted item return
  • Item preparation module added
  • Inward / Return cheque settlement module added
  • Bug fixed in item update module
  • Improvements in item search modules
  • Sub item report added
  • Sinhala Tamil invoicing and item search improved
  • Import Agent and Distributors module added
  • Name and barcode added to sub items (Packs)
  • Checklist feature added to all invoicing modules
  • Return item status management module added
  • Invoice and Quotation direct emailing facility added
  • Default inventory location change facility added in invoicing
  • Bank withdrawal option added to expenses and bank deposit module
  • Custom prefix for invoice numbers facility added
  • Separate terms and conditions adding facility added to service and repair modules
  • Computer and Laptop service module added

V 5.3 Released on 2022-06-09

  • Minor bug fixed found in previous release

V 5.2 Released on 2022-06-08

  • Improvements in invoice printing
  • Improvements in Excel import modules
  • Minor bug fixed in GRN Import module
  • Free issue summary report added

V 5.1 Released on 2022-05-15

  • Navigate to customer location using google map facility added
  • View customer locations of a trade route on google map feature added with map printing facility
  • Improvements in Sinhala invoice printing
  • Minor bugs fixed found in previous version

V 5 Released on 2022-04-23

  • Major improvements in reports modules
  • Major improvements in mobile app connectivity
  • Major improvements in eCommerce web connectivity
  • Stock counting facility using Bluetooth barcode scanner added
  • KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) module added for restaurants

V 4 Released on 2021-12-24

  • Major update in SAP crystal reports and .net framework for added security and stability
  • GRN import from Excel facility added
  • One Gall Face reward and data Sync facility added
  • Improvements in Barcode Printing and Barcode paper settings modules

V 3.9.1 Released on 2021-10-06

  • Mobile app data upload and download issue solved

V 3.9 Released on 2021-09-23

  • Invoice search by ref. number feature added
  • Bulk invoice printing feature added
  • Back dated sales return issue solved in Sales return report
  • Data base restore facility added as a separate module named SQL Data Manager
  • Marked price not showing issue solved for Virtual type items in Item Sales Detail Report
  • Price Update module updated
  • Item Update module updated
  • GRN History search feature added to CTRL + Right arrow key in invoicing item Code entry
  • Minor issue solved in item Weight and Dimension entry
  • Some missing letters added to Sinhala Keyboard Helper
  • Print settings updated in advance settings module
  • Customer over payment SMS notification facility added
  • Major reports added and essential changes done in various reports
  • Opening Stock module updated
  • New Sinhala invoice layout added
  • Major improvements done to link with mobile app V. 26 (Keep your mobile updated with V. 26 to work with this update)

V 3.8 Released on 2021-08-10

  • Incorrect payment calculation bug when removing payments from customer payment module were fixed
  • Minor bug fixed in Customer Over Payments module
  • Incorrect calculation of multiple line discounts in invoicing were solved
  • Minor issues solved in Stock Dispatch module
  • Identified issues found in previous release were fixed

V 3.7 Released on 2021-07-31

  • Category show hide option added to item search module
  • Customer over payments module and report updated
  • Opening balance added to customer outstanding report
  • Return Note updated to group by cost and expire date when adding items
  • Virtual item cost not calculated in profit reports issue solved
  • Some bugs found in previous version were fixed

V 3.6 Released on 2021-07-19

  • Default bill type change option added to advance settings module
  • Negative stock not balancing issue solved in Opening Stock module
  • Incorrect date showing in backdated Sales Return printing solved
  • Data sync with eCommerce website module improved
  • User action tracking bug fixed
  • Unicode names of items and customers were added to increase the compatible of mobile app with native languages

V 3.5 Released on 2021-07-02

  • Update prices from last GRNs were added to Advance Settings Module
  • If prices not selected in Item Import from Excel module existing prices will not be effected
  • Cost price not showing issue solved in Stock Transfer Sending process
  • Free QTY added to Quotation module
  • Removed items printing bug fixed in Barcode Print module
  • New print layout added to POS225 invoicing
  • Discount showing issue solved in Invoicing and Purchasing modules
  • Physical stock report categorization enhanced
  • Minor issues solved in other modules

V 3.4 Released on 2021-06-18

  • Min Max prices not import bug fixed in stock transfer module
  • Agent and Distributor filtering options added to physical stock report
  • Damage and Wastage module added
  • Item name font size change option added to Barcode and Price Tag Paper Settings module
  • Default values added to Import Items from Excel module
  • Minor changes done in Rate Card Report
  • Line discount calculation bug fixed in all Invoicing modules
  • Minor bug fixed in Invoicing Profit Summary report
  • Discount calculation issue solved in GRN Module

V 3.3 Released on 2021-05-31

  • Existing stock managing options added to Stock Adjustment module
  • Minor issue solved in Physical Stock Report for back dated stocks
  • Backup server connectivity improved
  • User action tracking history records remove on version update was disabled and action tracking is permanently enabled
  • Stock variance report added
  • Daily final data backups keep for last 45 days feature added for extra data security
  • Item Remove from Invoices report were added
  • General and Virtual item filtering option added to item list report
  • Stock transfer Sending and Receiving reports added
  • Minor issues solved in some other modules and reports

V 3.2 Released on 2021-05-17

  • Item copy option added to Item Register module
  • Expiry date, Manufacture date and price change facility added to Barcode and Price Tags module
  • Some misleading texts were changed for making them more user friendly in Item Register module and Daily Collection Summary Report
  • Improvements in Item Search Modules to show full contents
  • Welcome sms sending facility added to Customer Registration module
  • Pole Display functionality added to all Invoicing Modules
  • Stock zero process verified for negative quantities
  • Item search facility improved in Print Barcodes and Price Tags module
  • Expired items not removing bug fixed in Stock Adjustment module
  • Invoice count added to Daily Collection Summary report

V 3.1 Released on 2021-05-04

  • Incorrect date saving bug when stock adding fixed in Stock Adjustment module
  • Cost price show hide issue solved in QTY Revision module
  • Remark entry added to Return Note module and minor bugs fixed when expired items returning
  • Manufacture Date Batch Number and other additional prices were added to Stock Adjustment module
  • Customer detail not showing issue solved in invoicing modules
  • Total amount of marked price added to Item Sales Detail report
  • Minor bug fixed in Stock Transfer module

V 3 Released on 2021-04-17

  • Expired item verifying process added to day start
  • Minor bug fixed in today's expiring item invoicing
  • Best before date activated for expiry items. Now best before date can assign for each item individually
  • Item Expiry Listing module updated
  • Minor bugs fixed in Invoicing with barcodes + weight scale module
  • Inactive items re-registering with same item code feature disabled in Item Register module
  • Invoice Note not showing issue fixed in Invoicing with barcodes + weight scale module
  • Minor permission issue solved in item removing from Invoice GRN Quotation etc...
  • Remote and Backup SQL server connectivity and version upgrade issues solved
  • Create database backup on exit feature added to Advance Settings module
  • Bug fixed in negative stocks handling of Cash Refund and Stock Adjustment modules
  • Minor bug fixed in Barcode Printing module
  • SMS Notifications module updated
  • Transport charges added to all Invoicing modules
  • Minor bug fixed in Virtual Stock Report
  • Bug fixed in stock report for previous stock checking
  • Minor bug fixed in stock transferring process
  • Data syncing time with eCommerce website was reduced

V 2.9 Released on 2021-03-10

  • Social media links and slogan added to Company Registration module
  • Stock transfer with new items feature added
  • Minor bug fixed in returned invoice printing
  • Zero value decimal suppress feature added to invoice printing
  • City wise Invoicing and Outstanding summary reports added
  • Daily Opening Balance continue bug fixed
  • Minor bug fixed in Daily Sales Graph
  • All Excel Import modules were upgraded to support *.xlsx files

V 2.8 Released on 2021-02-25

  • Stock Transferring between branches were added
  • Service and Repair cost entering facility added
  • User friendly improvements in several modules and reports
  • Service and Repair status change notification SMS repeating issue solved
  • Item selection slowing down bug fixed in Cash Refund module
  • Fixed price item invoicing enabled
  • Additional permissions were added to the invoicing module

V 2.7 Released on 2021-02-08

  • New POS 3 invoice print layout added (14)
  • Default pay term changing option added to Part Payments module
  • Minor improvements done in Service and Repair module
  • Change done to make Invoicing with Sinhala and Barcodes module more user friendly
  • Incorrect price update bug fixed in GRN module
  • Weight Scale Barcode reading facility added to English and Sinhala barcode invoicing modules
  • Credit date filter option added to Customer Outstanding Detail Report
  • Language change option added to Item Search Module
  • Grid color change on stock level feature added to Item Search Module

V 2.6 Released on 2021-01-15

  • SMS Template designing module added
  • Permission not assigned issue fixed in Settings menu
  • User action tracking bug fixed
  • Monthly Purchasing Summary report added
  • Unicode support added to SMS Notifications module
  • Goods Dispatch module added
  • Minor bug fixed in Tag Items to Agent and Distributor module
  • Admin password not import bug fixed in New Financial Year module
  • Sub Expense Types not import bug fixed in New Financial Year module
  • Business name split option added to Bar-code Print module
  • Minor bug fixed in Item Search by Unit Price module
  • Status notify by SMS feature added to Service and Repair module
  • New invoice layouts added to POS3 (12 and 13) A5 (3 4 and 5) A4 (10 and 11)
  • Minor bug fixed in Users and Settings module
  • Payment collector enable / disable option added to Part Payments module
  • Service Note printing facility added to Service and Repair module

V 2.5 Released on 2020-12-04

  • New POS3 invoice format added (Layout 11)
  • Bug fixed in cash refund from Invoicing module
  • Start date with previous day closing balance option added to Daily Opening/ Closing balance modules
  • Print buttons added to Daily Opening / Closing balance modules
  • Permission issue solved in Listing Menu
  • Minor bug fixed in Customer Payments module
  • Non Moving Items Report re-designed
  • Remote Server connecting facility added to Database Setup Module. Now Labtech POS system can be connected to a remote SQL databases hosted in a web server
  • Email delaying issue solved in Labtech server.

V 2.4 Released on 2020-11-15

  • Pay term Cash / Credit Card toggle by Shift key feature added to all invoicing modules. (Press shift key when entering payment for new invoices)
  • Credit card processing fee added to advance settings module
  • Administration reports re-designed
  • Minor bug fixed in item sale detailed report
  • Bug fixed in Cash Refund module
  • Empty names and empty item code saving bug fixed in Item Update module
  • Bugs fixed in New Financial Year module
  • Incorrect sorting bug fixed in Item Categories module
  • Minor bug fixed in Virtual Stock report
  • Expired item view option added to Item Expiry report
  • Stock Revision module updated
  • New version checking bug fixed
  • Bug fixed in Sales Return module

V 2.3 Released on 2020-11-03

  • Trans number sorting issue fixed in Item Movement Detail Report
  • Barcode default currency not changing issue fixed
  • Price tags printing facility (without barcode) added to barcode printing module
  • Sales Representative (for invoicing) enable/ disable option added to advanced settings module
  • Customer credit dates not showing bug fixed in invoice printing.
  • A4 size print format added to Sales Return
  • Mini bill printing feature added to all invoicing modules
  • Barcodes and price tags can be printed without saving to a list.
  • Label print module re-designed for printing 300dpi labels
  • 4 decimal QTY invoicing issue solved in invoicing modules
  • Customer default credit limit/ credit days/ invoice count added to advanced settings module
  • Minor bug fixed in invoicing discounts
  • Paid invoice edit and saved invoice edit enable/ disable options added to advanced settings module
  • Minor bug fixed in online auto data backup process (Google G-drive and Microsoft OneDrive)
  • SMS notifications with Sender ID module added. (Currently supported only in Sri Lanka)
  • Trade route and city filtering options added to Invoicing Summary report
  • Net Invoicing report added
  • Sales return report re-designed with more filter options
  • Minor improvement done in item movement detail report
  • Customer outstanding and payment notify by SMS feature added to customer payment module

V 2.2 Released on 2020-08-29

  • Marked selling price of item and price difference added to Daily Item Sale Detailed report
  • Custom background image removing bug fixed in Company Details module
  • When re-installing POS system Print settings not restoring bug fixed
  • Minor bug fixed in item and sub units import process of New Financial Year module
  • For extra security database backup will be encrypted with Labtech ID and backup files will be compressed for saving space
  • Minor bug fixed in new invoicing module
  • Item Expiry report filter options re-arranged

V 2.1 Released on 2020-08-16

  • Minor bug fixed in virtual item invoicing
  • System startup speed increased
  • Customer over payment report added
  • Customer over payment option added to Customer Payment module
  • Profit calculation bug fixed in Item Sale Detail report

V 1.77 Released on 2020-06-20

  • Item weight and dimensions added to item register module
  • Sales Manager added to Sales Representative module
  • Stock location linking facility added to Vehicle Registration module
  • Minor bug fixed in Item Movement Summary report
  • Bug fixed in Transfer-Out report
  • Minor bug fixed in Advanced Item Search module
  • Import invoice from excel module added.
  • Import Trade Routes from excel module added
  • Stock decimal showing bug fixed in price selector module

V 1.76 Released on 2020-05-02

  • Price Update module improved to receive price updates from mobile App

V 1.75 Released on 2020-04-22

  • Return Note Summary Report added
  • Price category select option added to item search
  • Bug fixed found in previous version's invoicing module
  • Rate Card report re designed with cost show hide and price select options
  • Stock verified date feature added to Stock Adjustment module

V 1.74 Released on 2020-04-10

  • Minor bug fixed in item search by price in Search module
  • Bug fixed in Cashier Identification module
  • Denomination not import bug fixed in Start New Financial Year module
  • Invoice part payment module updated
  • Start New Financial Year module updated
  • Daily Collection Summary report updated
  • Trade Routes module updated
  • Rating and Trade Route added to Customers Report
  • Minor bug fixed in item register module
  • Customer Outstanding Reports updated
  • Mobile App customer outstanding syncing bug fixed

V 1.73 Released on 2020-03-17

  • A/C PAYEE ONLY printing location select facility added to cheque printing module
  • User specific invoice formats can be added upon user request
  • Logo width height bug fixed in invoice printing
  • Pack Size added to item registration module
  • Bug fixed in item movement summary report
  • Bug fixed in item expiry report and listing
  • Column not found bug fixed in all Excel import modules
  • Inventory selection by FIFO, cost, selling, batch, expiry bug fixed in invoicing
  • Item sub category not sowing bug fixed in item register module
  • Item search stock incorrect bug fixed

V 1.72 Released on 2020-01-31

  • New POS 3 inch Sinhala invoice layout added with logo
  • Bug fixed in Sinhala invoice printing for default items
  • Manufacture date and expire date not printing bug fixed in barcode printing module
  • Notification module added
  • Long address and company name overlapping bug fixed in POS bills
  • Minor bug fixed in IMEI / Serial item invoicing
  • Top margin change feature added to Cheque printing module

V 1.71 Released on 2020-01-14

  • Download logo from labtech user account feature added to company registration module
  • Date count of cheque banking date added to all payment modules
  • Sinhala invoice printing bug fixed
  • Sales return stock decimal bug fixed
  • Information viewer dialog added to Purchasing, Purchase Order, Customer Payments and Supplier Payments modules
  • Payment Receipt report added
  • Item search slowing bug fixed

V 1.70 Released on 2020-01-10

  • Interface changing feature improved
  • Bug fixed in user registration module
  • Virtual item quantity change bug fixed in invoicing with min max price module
  • User action tracking bug fixed
  • Daily and Cashier Opening / Closing balance sorting bug fixed
  • Incorrect balance showing bug fixed in A5 Sinhala invoice printing
  • Expense type and sub types added to Expense and Bank Deposit report
  • Bug fixed in Custom Values module

V 1.69 Released on 2019-12-22

  • Backup server bug fixed
  • Bug fixed in user action tracking module and action tracking database connectivity
  • Bug fixed in GRN auto save function
  • New POS3 size invoice print layout added
  • Bug fixed in GRN Detail report
  • Daily Item Sale Summary report redesigned
  • Minor bug fixed in Invoicing with IMEI/Serial module

V 1.68 Released on 2019-12-05

  • Expenses sub types added to Expenses and Bank Deposit module
  • Saved location of quotations by mobile app can be viewed on google map
  • Bug fixed in refund invoicing

V 1.67 Released on 2019-11-15

  • Sinhala language added to Quotation Summary report
  • Reset Stock to Zero bug fixed in Stock Adjustment module
  • A4 and POS3 size supplier payment print layouts added
  • Group by date and customer options added to invoicing summary report
  • Daily invoicing graph re-designed to show Invoice QTY and value
  • Backup server bug fixed
  • Item expiry listing and reporting bug fixed

V 1.66 Released on 2019-10-18

  • Auto settle CASH invoices feature added to advance settings
  • Over payment bug fixed in Customer Payment module
  • Discounts more than invoicing amount bug fixed

V 1.65 Released on 2019-10-12

  • Cashier Opening / Closing balance disable feature added to advance settings
  • Multi price selector stock price and invoicing price verified
  • Filter by pay term option added to paid tab of cashier interface
  • Customer tendered amount added to paid tab of cashier interface
  • Order QTY and Estimate value of PO rounded up to nearest whole number

V 1.64 Released on 2019-09-29

  • Group by expire date and batch number feature added to physical stock report
  • Multi stock locations enabled for GRN and invoicing
  • Balance QTY of PO can import to GRN
  • PO summary report added
  • PO detailed report added
  • Invoice aging report redesigned
  • GRN aging report added
  • Zero pricing enable / disable feature added to advance settings for invoicing
  • Multi terminal user login enable / disable feature added to advance settings
  • Default invoicing QTY not showing bug fixed
  • Invoice count, Invoiced value and rating added to customer report
  • Backup to another SQL server option added
  • Remote data locations feature added for reporting
  • GRN remarks viewer added

V 1.63 Released on 2019-09-08

  • Stock reset facility enhanced to reset by category and individual items
  • Disable invoice edit after save feature added to advance settings
  • Price compare option added to physical stock report
  • Bill number required option added to invoicing
  • Profit calculation bug fixed in item sale detail report
  • Online reporting bug fixed
  • Discounts and Promotions module added
  • Bug fixed in new financial year module
  • Daily item sale summary report redesigned
  • User action tracking feature added to advance settings
  • Bug fixed in GRN auto save facility
  • Non numeric keys added to calculator module
  • Service and Repair module enhanced with search facility
  • Batch number enable/ disable feature added to GRN
  • FIFO / group by expire date, batch number, cost, selling price inventory methods added
  • Virtual stock report redesigned
  • Customer import from excel module added
  • Stock reorder report redesigned

V 1.62 Released on 2019-07-26

  • Mobile app released
  • New customization features added to Advanced Settings module
  • Several bugs fixed in reports and other modules

V 1.60 Released on 2019-05-08

  • 2 Inch POS bill size added for invoicing
  • Minor bugs fixed

V 1.59 Released on 2019-04-28

  • Minus invoicing and minus customer payments feature added
  • POS3 new invoice layout added with company logo
  • Company logo can be added in 2 different sizes
  • Minor bugs fixed in item register module
  • Printing speed boost feature added to advance settings
  • Daily summary report redesigned with more data
  • Credit customer invoice count and credit amount added to invoicing
  • Bug fixed in sales return module
  • Minor bugs fixed in other several modules

V 1.58 Released on 2019-04-14

  • Major changes done in online data sync module

V 1.57 Released on 2019-04-05

  • GRN auto save feature added
  • Item search customization feature added
  • Bank account category change feature added
  • GRN, Cashier, Barcode Print modules updated
  • Daily Summary report updated
  • Payment module and Expenses modules are updated to link bank account when enter cheque payments
  • Minor bugs fixed in several modules

V 1.56 Released on 2019-04-01

  • Item Request module added. This is useful when you keep records of customer requested items that are not in your stock
  • Payment scheduling module added to GRN. This can be used to schedule supplier payments by date with pay term.
  • Daily Summary Report (A4 and POS 3 Size) re designed with more data
  • GRN data added to Barcode Print module. Now GRN no and GRN date can be printed along with barcodes
  • New customization features added to Advanced Settings
  • Minor bugs fixed and made some features more flexible

V 1.55 Released on 2019-03-09

  • Copy invoice feature added
  • Virtual item type added. Now you can create items that dont have a stock. (Fax, Photocopy, Type setting etc...)
  • Cashier interface improved
  • Cancel bill activation feature added
  • Previous saved suggestions showing for * item
  • Barcode print module updated

V 1.54 Released on 2019-02-17

  • Main tool bar customization facility added to advance settings
  • Customer previous balance added to bill printing
  • Barcode print sticker QTY change facility added
  • POS3 sized payment receipt added to invoicing
  • Invoicing summary report updated
  • GRN summary report updated

V 1.53 Released on 2019-02-09

  • Minor bugs fixed

V 1.52 Released on 2019-02-07

  • Bug fixed in barcode printing module
  • Minor bug fixed in GRN

V 1.51 Released on 2019-01-27

  • Recurring auto data backup feature added for extra data security.

V 1.50 Released on 2019-01-14

  • Multi printer support added. Now you can use non default printer to print directly
  • Cheque, Barcode and Label printing modules updated to select printer to print
  • Minor improvement in physical stock report
  • Tax registration added to company registration module
  • Bug fixed in stock first in first out process
  • More facilities added to cashier interface

V 1.49 Released on 2018-12-28

  • Bug fixed in virtual stock balancing process
  • Item search facility improved

V 1.48 Released on 2018-12-25

  • A5 Sinhala bill size added to invoicing
  • Minimum & maximum price range added to invoicing
  • Tab key registered to all windows for loading details from item code
  • Price name customization added to advanced settings
  • Price and discount type assigning facility added to advance settings
  • Transaction number resetting facility added to advance settings
  • Item missing bug fixed in Service & Repair module's bill printing
  • Some missing Sinhala letters added to Sinhala typing helper

V 1.47 Released on 2018-12-11

  • 2.25in Sinhala POS bill size added to invoicing
  • Proforma invoice added
  • Multiple payment methods added
  • Item search improved to search by price
  • Auto Item Code Generate Feature Added
  • Stock Adjustment Improved to Handle IMEI / Serial

V 1.46 Released on 2018-11-07

  • Font size change feature added to barcode print module
  • Item pricing history report added
  • Item profit margin report added
  • Currency type defined for items
  • Transportation and service charges added for invoicing
  • Tax invoicing feature added
  • Predefined terms and conditions feature added to quotation

V 1.45 Released on 2018-10-14

  • Minor bugs fixed in Purchase Order module.
  • Minor bug fixed in Trading Route module.
  • Background image change feature added to Company Registration module.

V 1.44 Released on 2018-09-26

  • Barcode printing module re designed for customized paper sizes. Now barcodes can be printed on any size paper with multiple columns.
  • Real time barcode printing feature added to GRN
  • Price calculator feature added to GRN for items that have multiple items in one container

V 1.43 Released on 2018-08-28

  • Bug fixed in invoice printing when item expiry enabled
  • Price Revision module redesigned with item expire date, manufacturer date and batch number and renamed as Stock Revision
  • Auto system code generate feature added to item register
  • New version availability check feature added

V 1.42 Released on 2018-07-08

  • Item expiry feature added.
  • Minor calculation error solved in daily summary report

V 1.41 Released on 2018-07-04

  • Bug Fixed in interest calculation module
  • Installments and interest reports redesigned with more data

V 1.40 Released on 2018-06-04

  • A4 bill size added to GRN print
  • Advance settings added to "admin" user
  • Bug Fixed in new financial year module
  • User Name change feature added to Users and Settings module

V 1.39 Released on 2018-06-03

  • Self database create feature added to database setup module

V 1.38 Released on 2018-06-02

  • Bug Fixed in new financial year module
  • Automatically import customized user settings in New financial year module

V 1.37 Released on 2018-06-01

  • Stable version released after more than 2 years of beta tests

V 1 Released on 2016-04-21

  • Beta version released

Labtech POS Mobile App

V 37 Released on 2022-10-01

  • Standalone android version released

V 14 Released on 2020-08-14

  • ADs free design
  • All premium features are now free
  • Minor UI changes

V 13 Released on 2020-06-17

  • Bugs fixed

V 12 Released on 2020-05-02

  • Remote price update feature added
  • Customer outstanding search feature added
  • Search stock facility added
  • Expenses feature added

V 11 Released on 2020-04-19

  • Bugs fixed

V 10 Released on 2020-04-02

  • Major UI change done
  • App performance improved
  • Bugs fixed

V 9 Released on 2020-03-29

  • Bugs fixed

V 8 Released on 2020-03-19

  • Stock report added
  • Customer outstanding report added

V 6 Released on 2019-11-28

  • Item and customer search feature added

V 7 Released on 2019-11-28

  • GPS location tracking added to invoicing and quotations
  • Data clear option added

V 5 Released on 2019-11-25

  • Bugs fixed in invoicing and quotation
  • Local user login facility added
  • Data sync bugs fixed

V 4 Released on 2019-11-19

  • Bugs fixed in invoicing and quotation

V 3 Released on 2019-11-18

  • Bugs fixed in invoicing and quotation

V 2 Released on 2019-09-17

  • Invoicing and quotation facility added

V 1 Released on 2019-09-02

  • Test version released to Google play store