Paid Services

Upon your requeste we can offer following paid services for you.

  • Business SMS Alerts

    0.75 LKR Per SMS sent within Sri Lanka in your Business Name. 2,500 LKR one time payment for registration

  • Stock and Product Data Entry

    30,000 to 50,000 LKR for initial stock and product data entry at your location

  • Customer Visits

    2,000 to 5,000 LKR per visit within ~60KM.

  • Cloud Data Backups

    12,000 LKR per year for unlimited SQL data storage.

  • Link eCommerce Web Site

    24,000 LKR per year for eCommerce web site with unlimited storage and bandwidth. Domain will be charged separatly

  • Re-installiation on customer requests

    1,000 LKR per installiation on customer request (Will not be chagred for version updates and bug fixing)

  • Customizations on customer requests

    Depends on the development time spent to completed the customization. (Mininmum 5,000 LKR)