Labtech POS System Software

Labtech POS is the most featured, customizable and user friendly POS system software available to download.
More and more features are adding continuously for a better POS experience

Main Features of Labtech POS System Software

  • Multi Lingual

    Labtech POS system software supports Sinhala, Tamil and English for billing

  • Network Support

    Unlimited numbers of users and computers of the network are supported. If database is hosted on an online SQL server Labtech POS system can be used anywhere out of your local network.

  • On-line Data Backups

    No need to worry about data loss. Labtech POS system support free and secure on-line cloud storages like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and DropBox for backing up data automatically in a given time interval. If total system crashed you can restore last backup from on-line cloud storage. Every data backup will be encrypted with Labtech ID for added security and compressed to save disk space.

  • Excel Imports

    Labtech POS supports direct Excel import of Items, Customers and Stock. This is very useful if you need to import data from another data source or if you are maintaing your data in Excel

  • Multi Paper Sizes Supported

    POS 2inch, 2.5inch, 3inch, A5 and A4 paper sizes are supported. Any size of Barcode papers, cheques and label printing facility also available.

  • Unlimited Customers, Suppliers and Items

    Unlimited numbers of customers, Suppliers and Items can keep with Labtech POS system.

  • Inventory Management

    Keep records of unlimited items with sub units, multiple prices, categories, bin locations, weight and dimensions and many more.. Negative stock feature also available.

  • Drawer Collection, Outstanding and Credit Customers

    Collection by part payments and every payment methods other than cash, cheque and credit cards are supported. Expenses, bank deposits, cheque book records available.

  • Cheque, Bar-Code and Label Print

    Cheques of main banks of Sri Lanka can be printed directly using Labtech POS system software. Bar-code printing with business name, expire date, price, item code and names facility also available.

  • Permissions and User Groups

    All users created in Labtech POS system software have a set of permissions for each module. Admin can grant or deny permission for every modules and actions for every users.

  • Advanced Data Security

    Data backups will be created to a given location in given interval automatically for extra data protection. Manual data backups also available and backup server option available for minimize the server down time.

  • Reporting and Graphs

    Print ready PDF, Excel, Word exportable 55 reports and 7 graphs available to monitor inventory, daily collection, outstanding and all transactions.

  • Version Updates

    Labtech POS comes with totally free version updates. When new version hosted in Labtech server every outdated users are notified to download new version. You are advised to keep your Labtech POS system updated always.

  • Request New Features

    Labtech POS development team always ready to add new featuresto the POS system software. For requesting new features you can use Labtech POS contacts page.